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new year's eve

Tickets are now available for our New Year's Eve Baller Bash at Square Root.  You will only find available seating here at NEW YEAR'S EVE TICKETS or through our ticket link below.  Hope to see you there!

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Our Roots

The foundation of our cooking was built upon classic fundamental technique.  We pull inspiration from all of the greatest chefs past and present and strive to define the food of the "New" New Orleans.  We accomplish this by utilizing progressive cooking techniques in conjunction with the most advanced kitchen technology available.  Our roots are classical but our execution is modern.


Our Food

The food at Square Root encompasses worldly flavors with ingredients responsibly sourced from our friends, farmers, and suppliers around the entire South.  Every dish is created with the idea of transforming taste, touch, sight and texture into amazing memorable bites.  We take tremendous pride in creating an unparalleled dining adventure and the menu is continuously evolving with the seasonal abundance.


our mission

To redefine the New Modern south with every meal.


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